Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech is the right to express or communicate an individual’s ideas, views and opinions without any obstructions or fear of punishment. It is not limited to speech alone, and includes written and other forms of communication such as freedom of press which gives one the right to question, criticise and voice their opinions. Freedom of speech (or expression) is a fundamental human right which is also recognized by the constitution of India.
The constitution of India guarantees individual rights which are stated
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Free speech is the gateway to the actual truth of the world. A free society is like a breading ground for innovation, creativity and new ideas to flourish and flaunt. Unhindered speech acts as a tool for the journalists and media to expose the corruptive methods adopted by those who abuse power. But its importance goes on to play a very crucial role in any decision making in a society, as it is preceeded by discussion and consultation of different and wide range of…show more content…
When criticisms are freely voiced, it gives the government opportunities to respond to the counter arguments or opinions made by the critics. A government which is oblivious to what the different opinions of people are, can never move forward with the development of their country. This brings us to the question of how censorship has affected the concept of freedom of speech, whether it has created a positive or negative impact on the society and its people.
Censorship refers to the deliberate suppression of or restriction on free speech or expression which may be considered harmful or obscene as determined by the government or media or other authorities. Censorship has prevailed in the society for years that date back to the time of Socrates and still continues to linger around even in the contemporary society. The very fact that censorship is a standpoint by any one particular body or authority about what is right and what is wrong is what contributes to its controversial nature.
Another element of censorship which is controversial in nature is banning. It is an act of prohibiting anything for the safety of the public by any one particular body of authority. But, needless to say, censorship also has its own pros and
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