Freedom Of Speech In Mark Twain's The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn

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Nowadays we often en counter the words such as “freedom” and “freedom of speech”.
This two words are heavily linked to each other, however not every individual realizes the fact that we use this two components of law in our daily life. Yes that is right! Since every individual is granted freedom by means of constitution it also has effect of how a person expresses him or herself. In other words if there was no freedom there wouldn’t be any Freedom of Speech. So, the Freedom Of Speech is based on freedom itself. Word by word it’s defined in as “Right to express one 's ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others ' character and/or
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Most of the time Freedom Of speech was considered as dangerous for political rulers, so it was heavily restricted to publicly representing opinions about different matters. As the time flew government realized that it was inividable process, so they used censorship as the more loyal way of dealing with of what the individuals had to say. The statement says that censorship was used to “protect the readers” from rude language. The best example that we can use is Mark twain’s masterpiece “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn” The books itself was written in 19’th century. When white people still had control over black people as they considered themselves more educated and as one and only race. The book shows how two individuals became best friends regardless of their skin color. It also shows how badly black people were treated as if they were some part of merchandise. Twain not only expressed his feelings, he also showed people that there was only race and that was human race.…show more content…
Ex secret agent wrote book regarding of secret operations that UK was operating in 90’s. He as the witness and the part of operation described details of operations that UK kept secret. The News wanted to write a small article regarding book, so they contacted the author of the book, however UK government banned this action and the accused that information that was kept was so secret that entire nation could have been in danger if it was available for public. The case went through the court where judge supported the statement that such highly secret information must have remained behind the curtains. The News, considered this courts’ action as not valid. All in all case reached the Supreme Court. Governments’ representer was saying that information must have remained secret, The News claimed that such action directly abused their Freedom Of Speech rights. The Supreme Court decided that the prior decision that was made was not valid because it abused Freedom Of Speech rights. The News won the case.

Humans as individuals are able to express themselves even if their opinions are different. Freedom Of Speech allows us to speak directly about our opinions and express them. However, what we say shouldn’t have bad or negative effect on another people, in other words we use this right to speak freely but we shouldn’t violate another persons’ right by using Freedom Of Speech as

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