Freedom Of Speech In On Racist Speech By Charles Lawrence

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In a society that pushes for its people to express himself or herself, how is the government going to propose a ban on the way of expression for countless generations. Hate speech is a very broad topic. Who can separate what is right and what is not. In “On Racist Speech” by Charles Lawrence, he explains his views on the banning of hate speech should not occur at all. It can be often misinterpreted because it is often processed as meaningless words or words full of hate. It would to wrong to assume the use of our freedom of speech has never been used to cause emotional and mental harm to others. Many people are troubled as to what qualifies as hate speech and what does not. Hate speech is the grey line in allowed and not allowed by society. The point to be made is that society has placed a feeling of, frowned upon when hate speech is mentioned. There are many forms for which hate speech can be addressed. It is impossible to ban racist speech in the society of today. The world should be a place where ideas, no matter how diverse the ideas are, should be freely exchanged. The sole purpose of…show more content…
If we are all great, then no one in truly great. If we are all equal, then no one is truly great. Since the dawn of civilization, there have always been classes in social groups. Therefore, there would have to people in better classes and people in worse. This had been present in our social classes along with the jealousy and hatred for the people in the different groups. “the history of development of the right to free speech has … importance of free expression and its effects on other important social interests.” which explains how the freedom of speech is important to the right to speak what is on the person’s mind in sight of social value’s. (Lawrence 67). This hatred will be something, which will never cease to exist. You can see this hatred in how we

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