Freedom Of Speech In Pakistan

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Beena Sarwar quoted the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam from the Jinnah & the Press, “I expect you (journalists) to be completely fearless.” (Quaid and the press, 1947), Media society of Pakistan can’t appreciate and thank Quaid enough for his goal. Article 19 of the constitution of Pakistan honors the citizens of Pakistan and the equal rights for everyone to freedom of speech and expression.
The freedom of speech means the right to express one’s opinion freely by words, writing, picture or any other mode. It also includes publishing the views of other people. The term ‘Freedom of speech’ includes all the acts of giving, receiving, imparting information and ideas. Milton argues, “Freedom of speech is understood as it has many different aspects and it includes not only the right to express or spread information or any idea but also including the right to pursue, receive, convey information and ideas.” (Milton, 1644)
In his article named, “Freedom of Media in Pakistan Blessing or Ban?” Jahangir believes that, “In Pakistan, media have long faced the censorship. However, a considerate level of freedom has been achieved recently. State and non-state actors has hugely influenced the media of Pakistan. In military regimes in Pakistan
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Thoughts are something that could be freely used. Kierkegaard somehow realized that there are very few men who can afford to think, all the other people on this planet wanting to speak. People can always use their thoughts to be creative, reasonable, and productive. People of our society should use the concept of freedom of speech more

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