Freedom Of Speech In Thomas Jefferson's Dream

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Our past ancestors dreamed of a country that had the rights such as freedom they didn’t receive. The present is living the dream because of those that fought for the dream and keep fighting to keep it alive, yet, we want the future to have a better dream than the one we have now. George Washington had a dream. He had a dream of free nation an independent country. Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed for a nation that lived for equality. Both men had two very distinct dreams, but both wishing the same thing: a better nation. The past made freedom of speech be the pillar of this nation that is why our nation is so great. Our present has to keep this dream active not let it become a nightmare. We are the history in the making, the future of the U.S is dependent on. In the middle of a field. Guns pointed at one another. The British redcoats against the soon to be a nation. One battle left to go before receiving freedom. It was September 3 1783, the last day of the American Revolutionary War. This war was fought by not so skilled men in the army, yet by men with passion. They wanted…show more content…
The phrase is clear in stating its definition, but is it really the liberty of speaking freely or is it a right we are said to have and can’t use? 2017 is a year where the phrase freedom of speech has come up various times in the news. Many people using the right to fight for what they believed, and like Abraham Lincoln said “Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” These people stood up firmly for what they thought was right just like their past had done. However, was their decision to speak up, wrong People began bashing and hating because of them standing up for what they believed. The present is not living up to the dream; the dream of speaking freely. Instead, we began to judge and criticize the right of someone speaking out freely. If we can’t live the dream that our past ancestors want us to live, then will our
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