Freedom Of Speech In Universities Essay

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There are many ways to speak in public. Not only speaking in public, but also in writing, presenting, protesting, and texting. The languages you use towards one another are a way to communicate. Freedom of Speech had been established in the year of 1791. What is freedom of speech? Freedom of Speech is having the right to express your own opinions without being controlled. In that case, article “Hate Speech” by lakoff and “The Betrayal Of Liberty On America’s Campuses” by Kor’s article had some similarities and differences. Both articles titled are different but the meaning of the articles share the same topic. In “The Betrayal Of Liberty On America’s Campuses” is about how speech codes affect the life of college students. “Hate speech” is mainly talking about the First…show more content…
Speech codes shouldn’t even exist. People should have the right to speak however they want to. Even if there are going to be some cruel words but it’s better than going for a physical harm. “Hate speech” article is discussing about the First Amendment, language, and speech. “Hate speech” could relate to anybody perspective. In “The betrayal of liberty on America’s campuses” by Kors and “Hate speech” by Lakoff both have similarities and differences. The similarities between these two articles is that they both discuss a topic about freedom of speech. For example, the articles mentioned about speech codes in campuses. The differences in these articles is that Kors articles focus on more about freedom of speech. In Kors article it talks about how students can’t speak up for themselves because speech codes in all campuses was in the way. It has many controversial statement in Kors article. For Lakoff articles there wasn’t any controversial statement. There was opinions about language and her ideas about it. Her article focuses on more about hate speech like how we clarify language. How it could affect the people perspective in a way. Those are the similarities and differences about these
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