Freedom Of Speech In Universities

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Free Speech and Censorship on College Campuses Vashton Smith Georgia Gwinnett College Abstract Free speech is an essential right guaranteed by the Constitution. It is the duty of all Americans to protect it, however, at many colleges and universities, the right to say whatever about whoever is being controlled and prosecuted. Using safe spaces, and free speech zones, colleges across the country reserve the right to freedom of speech to anyone who shares the majority opinion on campus. My research indicates that students, faculty, and administrators are complicit in these actions. My research also indicates that the trend of student-led, faculty and administrator-facilitated…show more content…
According to Mitchell, one of the objectives of political correctness is to provide “speech codes to thwart racist, sexist, and homophobic language, ideas and attitudes that offend sensitive students.” (Mitchell, 1992) Craig Anderson (1993) and Nat Hentoff (1991) have detailed the numerous examples of speech codes to curtail free speech. In 1991, Stanford University attempted to install speech codes on their campus. A letter appeared in the student newspaper that was signed by the law associations on campus which called for a “harsh code”. Student Government President Canetta Ivy said, “We don’t put as many restrictions on freedom of speech as we should.” (Hentoff, 2011) Even today, colleges and universities have begun a systematic campaign of replacing free speech with safe spaces, and the dreaded trigger warnings. Once pinnacles of higher learning designed to prepare students for careers and adult life, many colleges and universities have now, due to pressure from the students, become centers for suppression and infantile reactions to simple problems. One example of censorship demanded by the students, and facilitated by the administration, is at Emory University. In March of 2016, political slogans supporting Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, appeared in chalk on sidewalks and stair rails across campus. A large group of Emory students protested the…show more content…
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