Freedom Of Speech Is Not Free Essay

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Do the citizens in every community believe in their right to freedom of speech? Well the citizens in this community do. Freedom of speech is one of the first amendments. Perhaps one of the greatest examples of an individual who exercised his right to this freedom is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke in front of millions of people in 1963; he spoke about fundamental American rights for all citizens and the amendments that grant these freedoms. Dr. King once said “But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free.” After that speech and the Emancipation Proclamation, the Negroes are now free. Freedom of speech is a fundamental American right and it should apply everywhere, especially in the education system.
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A lot of people have their own opinions on things but when it comes to freedom of speech they can’t do anything unless someone is harmed. The only way to solve these types of problems is to mind your own business. Therefore if you hear something you don’t like then just ignore it. A student in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania got in trouble at school for wearing a rebel flag. The student says, “I got suspended over false pretenses. I don’t see that as right.” This student got suspended because the school was retaliating over the fact that he wore a flag. Even though it was his right to wear that flag he still got in trouble, that means that his freedom right was being violated. A senior from the same school said, “I’m from a biker family. That flag has shown up all around my life, and bikers took it in because it showed them freedom.” That is how his family raised him and he’s not even allowed to wear it at school. The school is violating his freedom laws. Even though the school has a right to censor what we say if it is distracting or harmful to others then that’s fine, but I was doing research and I found out that during a high school graduation a girl that attended a Massachusetts school was censored for saying her beliefs.The freedom of speech is a basic human right. However, like all rights, this right can be taken away, if you abuse it or if it puts others in harms way. It shouldn’t be an

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