Freedom Of Speech Should Be Allowed In America Essay

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The freedom of speech is one of the most important rights an individual has. The freedom of speech gives us the right to share our opinions and thoughts without the fear of being retaliated against and oppressed. Lately this freedom of speech seems to be greatly limited. It is seen as a verbal attack now if you say something that may go against popular opinion or may offend someone. This subject is tackled in John Stossel's "Censored in America" Fox News hour. Freedom of speech should not be limited, for it is a big part of having a "free society". Freedom of speech is being limited and restricted, and this needs to change.
The one place that seems to be limited the most in the aspect of free speech is on colleges and universities. It seems that college students push away ideas and opinions of others they find to be disturbing or conflicting with their own views. Major colleges like the University of Tennessee discourage the use of gender
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Stossel mention two great examples of this including Chick-fil-a and Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” during his video. When the owner of Chick-fil-a said that he saw marriage as a unity of man and woman only, in an interview, the business went under fire for the sharing of an opinion. Three mayors told the gigantic companies to stay out of their cities. Phil Robertson, a star of the widely popular “Duck Dynasty” also said he saw homosexual marriage as sinful. He was suspended from his show, which was later lifted, for speaking his mind. Both these examples were considered “haters” for having an opinion that was once the popular opinion in our country. This helps prove the notion that when someone has an opinion opposite the popular opinion, the American people see them as terrible people and corporations, for thinking
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