Freedom Of Speech Should Be Limited Essay

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The United States of America is known for it’s freedom of expression, whereas in other countries it is heavily restricted. It’s very valuable to the country’s reputation because not every country has the right to freedom of speech. As a result, some Americans feel that they can say whatever they desire. The question is whether we classify freedom of speech as a problem is becoming a very debated topic. People are taking advantage of the first amendment. As time continues hate speech is growing in popularity across the states. With the first amendment protecting the Americans who use hate speech, it’s becoming offensive to gay people the amount of hate being used. America prides itself on expression, however, it has become an issue when hate…show more content…
It has been said that hate speech is just another form of expressing feelings. This argument highlights how the United States of America is a place of expression without limits. LGBT members can even come out and learn to build from any negativity. People have a right to exercise the first amendment however they want. Those who speak more freely have a better chance at allowing others to express themselves. If there are restrictions it would be more difficult for the first amendment to still be established. For example, in a University it would be hard to stop hate speech, when it is considered a place to speak freely. According to the Huffington Post, “About 78 percent of students surveyed said that colleges should allow “all types of speech and viewpoints,” while 22 percent noted that “colleges should prohibit biased or offensive speech in the furtherance of a positive learning environment(Fang).” Banning hate speech wouldn’t solve anything especially on a college campus. Most college students found it more effective to get rid of hate speech rules. It will serve people better if there isn’t any boundaries. Citizens are exposed to hate speech everywhere. Why create more rules for people to break? It shouldn’t be restricted anywhere, even a college campus. This is another way to see how other people identify with things. If that’s limited it will make it more difficult for individuals to communicate, especially when most people don’t listen to given
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