Advantages And Disadvantages Of National Anthems

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There have been many controversies around what people should do during the national anthem. We can still respect our country besides for standing. One of the most important principal in the united states is that we have freedom of speech unless there is a compelling reason to take it away. In fact the first amendment of the constitution states that in stipulations can not make rules that quote “abridge the freedom of speech.” This is implies that though we have been standing for the national anthem there is no rule or law saying that we can not do anything else during the national anthem and people are the only limitations from stopping people from doing what they want so whos to say we can only respect our country one way. We should be able to respect our country in many multiple ways and however we want to as long as it is some form of respect. Since the government or any formal paper has yet to provide evidence why we shouldn…show more content…
Also that we are just asking you to just stand up and it is just one thing to respect your country and those who have protected it. Some may use the example of a person not using manners when speaking to someone. Yes they may be talking to that person in a polite way but when you don 't use your manners then you not giving the person the respectfulness they deserve. But yet when you dont stand for the national anthem then you are disrespecting many veterans and a whole country. But when you don’t use your manners you are just disrespecting that one person that may not have given you freedom and a safe place to live. Though some veterans wouldn 't care what you did during the national anthem as long as you were showing some kind of respect. Most veterans would say that they would prefer for you to stand up for the national anthem because it is what our founding fathers decided and it is the best way to show

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