Freedom Of Speech: The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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Martin Luther king Junior once said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”. Freedom of speech
Research shows that 2.22 billion people in the world use social media meaning 30% of the whole world use social media. Social media is a platform where people can share their ideas with others, discuss about some interesting topics and tell others what they think. People are able to talk to people and share their ideas because they have freedom to express their thoughts and the freedom to speak, they have the freedom of speech. Steve Pinker a Canadian born American psychologist said that “Freedom of speech is to freedom to human.” This means that, for example man A is enjoying the rights of freedom of speech.
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As Sadhguru an indian, mystic and author also said that "Responsibility is the right word, where there is no responsibility there will anyway be no freedom". This is true because one should enjoy freedom of speech in a responsible manner and while enjoying this freedom one should not come in the way of others enjoying the freedom. Otherwise freedom has no meaning for the other…show more content…
At the same time we have been seeing this right being blatantly misused by the participants in social media. Zakir Naik a spiritual talker recently said that "All Muslims should be a terrorist" this statement has led to the motivation for the terrorists in the Dhaka terror attack. If he keeps on preaching statements like this then the terror attacks may increase and due to these kind of statements given by him, he has been banned from entering the United Kingdom. If the terror attacks increase then a lot of place will get damaged and many innocent lives will be killed. In the course of elections to assemblies and parliaments, the candidates have been canvassing their merits and the demerits of the opponents which enables voters to choose the right candidate. At the same time there have been instances where candidates had resorted to false propaganda about opponents and won the

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