Freedom Riders Argumentative Essay

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During the mid-20th century a group of nonviolent protesters call the Freedom Riders began a nonviolent campaign against the segregation of bus facilities in the south. The social activists which were both white and black college students would peacefully ride Greyhound busses through the south as an act of civil disobedience. The most notable states would be Alabama and Mississippi where they would face violent mobs and corrupt sections of government. Unfazed by the attacks on them they would continue on and even gain support as more and more people would seek an end to segregation. As the law supports an exclusive and racist society, humans must find a way to break the negative trend. How you successfully make this change is doing what the Freedom Riders did. You make your voice heard loud and clearly but in a civil a fashion. This can be done through boycotts, protests, or even by doing the opposite of the trend as did the Freedom Riders. As one fights the powers holding them back and try to start a revolution they will face an ample amount of resistance. This is due to the fact the…show more content…
Simple, by showing they’re peaceful and willing to unify, the opposing party will appear arrogant, ignorant, and even malevolent in some cases. Consequently, this exposing of such hatred through nonviolent protest will became an effective strategy for generating change during the civil rights movements. Another important entity during this era would be the media. Through their press coverage they would give the peaceful activists the exposure they needed to show the world the mind boggling obstacles they faced each and every day. To this day the media still plays a crucial role in informing the public and giving what’s supposed to be a nonbiased interpretation of a situation. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and through manipulation they often make decisions for
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