Freedom Riders Segregation

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All throughout the beginning half of the 20th Century, Blacks, who were still in the full-fledged war against oppression, were finally starting to make some progress. By the year 1941, through legal battles, blacks were able to organize individuals on the ground, Executive order 8802(first federal action to promote equality and prohibit employment discrimination) and even the educational system had begun to desegregate. Despite the fact that there was a huge push back against Jim Crow through legal action, the south was not willing to concede. With new legislation in place, that was designed to promote equality, individuals are known as the Freedom Riders entered the south to challenge segregation at its very core. Through the use of nonviolent tactics such as, passive resistance, these individuals embarked on buses that took them all across the south. The first portion of these individuals journeys went without…show more content…
After some time Pauli Murray’s methods were adopted and utilized by the Freedom Riders. Murray had intentions of seizing her rights via Non-violent civil disobedience campaign.Murray also sought to stand up to racial segregation in order to incite change. In 1940 Murray and Adelene McBean decided to challenge the stigmas of the time and move from the back of the bus to middle seats. Once they did this and refused to move to the back, they had been arrested. Murray immediately sought the NAACP to help her defend her constitutional rights and publicize the case. Unfortunately, the NAACP rejected her case and she was not able to achieve her goals.Despite the fact that she was not successful in the 1940s, her ideas were used as influences for the Modern Civil Rights Movement. Moreover, Pauli Murray helped build the foundation for civil rights movement for years to
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