Freedom Rides In America

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Freedom stands for something much more than just being able to act however you choose it also means making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity at life, happiness, and liberty. Before and during the time of the civil rights movement, Indigenous people in both USA and Australia were being robbed of their freedom. There were 'white only' area's on public transport, in swimming pool and toilets, just to name a few. In the early 1960s, through newspapers and television, Australia was finally becoming aware of the growing Civil Rights movement in the southern states of the United States. So came the Freedom rights; a series of acts in an attempt to obtain racial equality. The rides were conducted by civil rights activists, first in the United…show more content…
A small group of African-American and white civil rights activists began a series of bus trips throughout the American South on May 4th, 1961 and the years that followed to take a stand and call for change against the racial segregation that was taking place in America at the time. The Freedom Rides were organised by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), a US civil rights group. The African-American riders set out to test the 1960 decision that segregation of interstate bus terminals was unconstitutional. They also attempted to use 'white-only' restrooms, lunch tables and waiting rooms. It proved to be an extremely dangerous mission, they were met with hatred and violence. In Anniston, Alabama, one bus was firebombed and its passengers were forced to flee for their lives.

Australia- The Freedom Rides in Australia began when Charles Perkins planned a bus trip to bring awareness to racial discrimination in country communities. Indigenous people were forced to live on the outskirts of their town in missions and reserves. In those communities, there were immensely poor conditions, no plumbing or electricity to name a few. Aboriginal people were not allowed access to cinemas, swimming pools or cafes
Similarities and Differences-
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In 1963 he delivered his famous ‘I have a dream’ speech at the Lincoln Memorial, after gaining popularity following the creation the SCLC, Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957 (, 2014). King later supported and helped organize the American Freedom Rides. Similarly, after a brief stay in America, Charles Perkins here in Australia became leader and creator of the SAFA Freedom Rides, without him, the freedom rides would not have been thought of, let alone happen. He became the elected president of the SAFA (Charles Perkins and the Freedom Rides, 2014). Martin Luther King Jr. and Charles Perkins were both advocates for their people and their culture. They wanted to support them and help them stand up for their rights. Martin Luther King was of African descent whereas; Charles Perkins was native to Australia (, 2014; Charles Perkins and the Freedom Rides,
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