Freedom Summer Of 1964: The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

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The United States changed in more ways than one as a result of the Freedom Summer of 1964. It changed socially as well as politically. The staff and volunteers of the Freedom Summer not only brought awareness to the disenfranchisement of African-Americans in Mississippi, but also to the conditions which plagued Mississippi and its people. The Mississippi Summer Project encouraged many African-American Mississippians to participate in local, state, and national elections. It also helped African-Americans establish a new political party called the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP). Freedom Schools sprang up all around Mississippi educating children and adults on black history and the movement. The Freedom Summer of 1964 opened the nations eyes and brought an enormous amount of attention to the injustice, discrimination, violence, and brutality many African Americans faced in Mississippi. SNCC, CORE, and NAACP leaders headed Freedom Summer. They recruited hundreds of black and white college students from the North to work in Mississippi during the summer of 1964. Their main goal? To try and register as many African-American voters in Mississippi as they could. SNCC, CORE, and NAACP leaders along with hundreds of volunteers went from city to city in Mississippi convincing locals to register to…show more content…
This separate party held parallel elections and sent a group of delegates to the Democratic National Convention in August 1964. Since African-Americans couldn't vote for president or other officials parallel elections were held. Anyone resident of Mississippi black or white could join the party. Their main goal was to ". . . win a floor fight and be seated, sending Mississippi's 'official' delegation home in disgrace
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