Freedom Vs. Confinement In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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Freedom V. S. Confinement People can be confined their whole life, but until they let go of their hatred, they will never be free. In the play "The Tempest" by William Shakespeare, there is a man who is under the control of his own mind. Throughout the whole play the protagonist, Prospero was trying to get revenge on his brother and the king for betraying him. He sends his servants to confuse and mess with their minds. His overall goal was to get back at them for stealing his Dukedom. At the end, Prospero realizes that it would not make him feel any better if he got revenge. Now he is free because he has no more hatred for them. In "The Tempest" Shakespeare uses characterization and setting to portray the theme of freedom vs confinement.…show more content…
People 's anger drives them to do many things, but it will never be enough until a person lets it go. For example, prosperous sends his spirits to torment Caliban by "pinching, biting" and giving him "cramps". This illustrates how a person abuses or hurts someone else because of their anger or hatred. In the everyday world, people do things through, anger that they wish they would not have. In addition to the abuse of prisoners, people give unusual punishments. A person uses their power to confine their prisoners through a change of mine in punishments. For example, Prospero says " they 're spirits that I 've called to perform my whims." This gives the idea of how people make a person do things that are unusual and unneeded. Everyday people give a lower person punishments, that are cruel and not needed because they have the power to do so. Lastly, people let their emotions dictate how they act. When a person gets tired of being confined they do things that are irrational. For example, Caliban says" No more dams I 'll make, nor fetch wood for firing." This shows how Caliban acts out because of his emotions of being confined. The character and the setting are elements that develop how people are confined through anger and
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