Freedom Vs. Society In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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North Korea is considered one of the most repressed countries in the world. The Kim Dynasty brutally control freedoms, causing starvation, death and malnutrition. Rand was born into a Russian family near the start of the Russian Revolution, her family lost a lot to the newly communist nation, which sparked a hatred for Socialist ideals. Rand moved to the United States and wrote Anthem. North Korea is a nation with the least freedoms on Earth; however, Ayn Rand’s novel, Anthem, shows a society with even fewer rights and freedoms. Rand wrote Anthem as a warning to what could come from accepting ideas from deranged ethical altruism. North Korea and the society within Anthem both contain distinctive repression of freedom and the individual. Anthem’s and North Korea’s societies contain pronounced differences and significant similarities in their government’s structure and the state of their peoples. North Korea’s government structure is based off of the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un. To gain privilege in North Korea men and women must prove themselves to be completely loyal to the Dear Leader. The Korean communist party…show more content…
North Korea lacks basic utilities to make modern human life impossible in most areas, “There is no medicine, there is no running water, there is no soap in hospitals,” (Ling 20:10). In North Korea they have no way of ensuring a healthy population, and they rely on countries like America to provide for them. Access to the small amount of modern amenities is completely based on someone’s position within the government. North Korea has not asked for aid even when they were in a massive famine, “I saw children dying under my hands when I was too late,” (Ling 20:31). Children in North Korea are dying from lack of food and the rest are stunted and deformed from malnutrition. North Korean people have suffered a lot from lack of utilities and lack of enough food to feed
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