Freedom Writers Character Analysis

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Marrying the Right Person is Important to One’s Career and Life In the movie Freedom Writers, Erin Gruwell and Scott has a special relationship compared with those students, they married but have a bad ending. Nowadays, a wife (or a husband) is not only a part of family, but has an important affection on each others work and the rest of life. Many people now surfer from more and more heavy pressure at work but bring it to home , hence, marrying the right person to release one’s heavy pressure can really help to create a harmonious family relation-ship. Besides, no one can avoid making mistakes, so it is important to have a person that can point out your fault as well as help you to work it out. Many people now get marry before they succeed in their own field, so striving with your partner is better than struggle by yourself. A mature or an experienced partner will surely give right suggestion about your work or help you to make decisions. However, opposing viewers hold the idea that Erin should care more about her husband instead of focus on her job, she ought to stay home, take care everything in house, which like the old days in 1970’s China and America.

She is a teacher with no
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In the film, after middle school riots, Papa G, Ms. G and Scott had dinner, when he was discontent with his daughter 's work environment and can’t stop complain about it, Scott said:” Look, Steve. If Erin thinks she can teach these kids, she can. You telling her she can’t is just gonna make her mad.” This shows that at this moment S can see his stubborn wife will succeed on her work in the future. However, Scott was stroked by his childish, that’s a later story. Compared with Scott and Papa. G in the early stage and the later stage, it is not hard to find that they have opposite performance in these two stages. In the early stage, Scott has the long-term vision to support her wife in her job,
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