Freedom Writers Film Analysis

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In today 's society people are driven by their admiration for others, and they thrive to have an example to look up to for inspiration and ideals. From gangsters who admire AL capone, to scientists who admire Galileo Galilei, the plan of admiration is endless, and people are always looking for someone who they can admire and look up to. Under the vision of director Richard LaGravenes, Freedom Writers was created in 2007. LaGravenes shows the daily struggles of the students of room 203 at Woodrow Wilson highschool, and how they reach out for help in overcoming their difficulties. freedom writers is about how struggling students have just as much a chance as any other student in the states. they make a difference in their world of long Beach,…show more content…
Another admirable traits that Marcus holds is courage. courage is the ability to do something that is frightening for one to do. Marcus 's courage shine through multiple times durring the movie. One example is when he goes to apologize to his mom, and ask for her to let him live with her again. Marcus was previously kicked out by his mother for being apart of gangs and not having his life together. Usually approaching a parent who has kicked out that child, it is terrifying for that child to return to that parent, but Marcus did just that, knowing very well his mother could have denied him a secound chance. Another example of how courage is when he left his gang. He could have easily met harsh consequences when he left, including beating, or worse, he could have been killed. He faced these dangers head on, still proceeding with leaving the gang. These events reminds me of a time in my personal life where I had to use courage. My family is a very religious family, and I am too, as I was brought up in church, but the fact of the matter is that I am pansexual. Being pansexual I had to use courage to come out to my family and tell them that I, indeed, wasn 't straight. I had to face many fears of being kicked out, scolded, and being disowned, and though I was lucky and fortunate enough to be accepted either way, the fear amndct that time was very real. This event has really helped me with being true to myself. I have been able to really embrace who I am and be able to be more confident l, and have more courage in future events. Courage is important because without courage you can never truly let yourself shine through. If you don 't have courage you will always be suppressed and will always cower away from things you need to say and do. With courage you can be able to stand up for yourself and what you believe in and structure your own personal opinions about things. Thus, Marcus shows the admirabke trait of being courageous. Courage is important because without
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