Freedom Writers Rhetorical Devices

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We live in a period of civil disunion. People divide and identify themselves and others by their race and with that identification, they begin drawing conclusions. Society uses stereotypes to fuel its assumptions and through these harmful conclusions, divisions begin appearing and cultures become heterogenous. Money and greed fuel these divisions by blinding people of the things they’re doing to divide society. Both Richard LaGravenese’s Freedom Writers and Eugene O’Neill’s The Emperor Jones use rhetorical devices to express to their audience that in order to make social progress, we must dissolve these racial and cultural walls we have built around us, instead construct a homogeneous society. The works include a stress on the past. Through various visions of his past, Brutus Jones begins to realize the type of person he has become. Not only did he murder a man over a game of crap, but he also abandoned his culture completely and began exploiting it. Brutus expresses this enlightenment of his sinful past when he cries to God, “When I cotches Jeff cheatin’ wid loaded dice my anger overcomes me and I kills him dead! Lawd, I done wrong!”. Brutus cries for God’s help and begs Him for forgiveness, giving the reader the idea that Jones has successfully been enlightened on the idea of a homogenous society. Freedom Writers by Richard LaGravenese shares the use of flashbacks. As the students begin telling Mrs. Gruwell their stories, they were finally able to open up and spill
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