Freedom's Role In The Feminist Movement

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The progressive era constituted a major force in calling for the protection of human rights and promoting reform. Rapid industrialization and unplanned urbanization constituted a threat to democratic values. Various women were inspired to participate actively in society and work toward changing their social and economic status and achieving freedom. Freedom was the core value of this social movement. Progressivists believed that freedom was the key to making the desired change and achieving more rights. The notion of freedom meant escaping injustices, getting an education, and seeking new opportunities. Women had little power and were considered to be inferior to men, who dictate what is right and what is wrong. Women had no voice and were subject to the norms and regulations imposed by a male-dominated…show more content…
Freedom meant political representation and access to political decision-making. By achieving the right to vote, women became able to get rid of corrupt leaders, develop new legislation to eliminate discriminatory laws and elect trustworthy political leaders who share similar interests. For African American women, freedom meant the abolition of slavery and segregation. They were denied access to certain jobs and faced several obstacles in their struggle for equality. In conclusion, the political action of women in the progressive era played a key role in the fight for democracy and freedom. The feminist movements worked hard toward improving women’s status in society and ending discrimination. The notion of freedom meant different things to various women, depending on the paths they chose in their lives. Despite its limitations, progressivism had a positive impact on American society. Several doors were opened for women to be active citizens, enjoy the freedom they deserve and fulfill their
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