Freedoom Reaction

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The purpose of this movie is to show people of Freedoom .
The autor of this movie is David Franzoni
The Background is in the North of the U.S.

First the slaves where kidnapped from the tecora, the tecora is a boat that kidnap slaves, They say that one day the tecora cary about 500 slaves in 1 boat then they sell the slaves to a spanish boat La amistad but cinque help the slaves to escape and they kill all the tripulation of the spanish people but they left 2 with life and they told them to take them to africa, but the spanish people take the slaves to U.S. North where it was ilegal to have slaves, they tried to go to the south where it was legal to have slaves, but they went to the north and they went
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Roger Baldwin: He was the lawyer of the slaves.

My opinión of this movie this movie show us about freedoom and is a great movie
I learned about the freedoom of how was the U.S. Before etc.

John Quincy Adams : He was the 6 president of the united states he helped the slaves to be free, his dad was 1 of the 6 persons that sign the Independence paper he was a good president he was friend of Roger Baldwin, They ask him if he can help the slaves to be free but he said no but later when it was the supreme court he invited cinque to his house and he was seeing plants with him he haved plants of all the world but cinque favorite plant was an african flower that was purple and John Quinci Adams knew that he was from africa, And he said yes then when it was the supreme court John Quincy Adams talked for hours and they were scared to lose the case they where 10 judges, 7 where from the south where it was legal to have slaves and the other 3 where from the north where it was ilegal. But they win and the slaves where happy with John Quincy Adams for help them to be free the south and the north made civil war to stop slavery but the south fight for have slaves to be legal, Then they send soldiers to go help the other slaves they destroy the base where they puta ll the slaves and they sabe alot of
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