Freezing Out Profit: Case Study: Freezing Out Profits

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Freezing Out Profits is about Mr. Dali who is the Managing Director of manufacturer of refrigerators parts, Cold Cuts Ltd (CC). This company is the supplier for Secconz, the biggest customers of CC. Mr. Nelly who is the Supply Manager of Secconz asked Mr. Dali to lower the price of FFA components since the Competitors in China produced the same components with lower quality at lower price. Secconz hoped that CC will find a way to reduce the price since CC already recouped their original investment.
Unfortunately, there was one more problem faced by CC. Mr. Rithisak, the Plant Manager in China told Mr. Dali about anti-dumping tax issued by United States International Trade because the price of CC’s products are lower than the fair
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This report included the information on their financial in order to decide whether to stop or continues to become supplier of Secconz, the biggest customers. Other than that, this report also evaluate on anti-dumping case and the price of the products of CC.
Main Character
Mr. Dali
• He is a Managing Director of Cold Cuts Ltd. (CC), a manufacturer of refrigerator parts in Singapore. He wonder if CC can enjoy a high profit and maintain Secconz as their biggest customer.
Mr. Nelly
• He is a Supply Manager of Secconz, the biggest customer of CC. He hoped that CC can reduce their selling price of the product since there is an intense competition in China which sell much cheaper than
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Meanwhile, opportunities and threats are used to analyze the external environment of organization. Based on the table of SWOT analysis, Mr. Dali should use the strengths in order minimize the threats. Since there is a lots of weakness in CC, Mr. Dali should use the opportunities they had to overcome the weakness of CC. In order to make an improvement of CC internally and externally, Mr. Dali should take advantage of opportunities by using the strengths. Thus, Mr. Dali can make potential actions whether to lower or maintain the selling price, to give or ignore the bribe and to keep or lose the biggest customer,

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