Freire And Anyons Theory Summary

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My personal experience as a ‘case study’ to evaluate the validity of either Freire or Anyons theory about the theory of the educational systems and I picked Anyons theory.For a long time education has been imagined as one of the biggest sources and mobility towards success in America. There are people who find education worthless or as Mike Rose said that it is Bullshit and that the education experience they had wasn’t really as well ask they thought it would be or that could have been. Other people think educationist depends on what type of class the person is taking depending on the school the person is in and how the teachers teach is the most important feature of them all. Education nowadays is something that is very important because if you don’t have an education nowadays it is hard to be successful.Anyon and Freire…show more content…
Anyon says that “public schools in complex industrial societies like our own make available different types of educational experience and curriculum knowledge to students in different socials classes;” and In my experience that I’ve had with school is a working class and I support it because it is a good way to teach kids. Jean Anyon’s article was speaking of the different types of schools there is out there and how they work depending on the social class that they’re in. Some social classes are harder than others because it just all depends on how the kids are and how they act and how the teachers are told to teach and how they actually teach.According to the article “Journal of Education” study states that “ Woke is getting the right answer…,” and that “One must follow directions in order to get the

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