French Absolutism Vs Absolute Monarchy

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English parliament and Absolute French Monarchy had two divergent political styles, however both bringing success and prosperity. These two political styles differentiated from each other, while also sharing similarities. The French governed with a tactic called absolute monarchy, where the king exerted complete control over his people and weld unrestricted political power over everybody. In this political system the king handpicked his own nobles, secretaries, and ministers. The king had absolute power over major decisions such as the declaration of war and the levying of taxes, as well as control over foreign policy and religious authority. The king and his royal subjects ruled from the royal court, where the people of wealth had offices…show more content…
The first similarity between French Absolutism and English monarchy is that they both experienced success. The English created a government body, called parliament, so successful during its time, that it is used today as a standard for countries around the world. This government body led to the idea of equal rights by being one of the first governments to introduce an idea of equal say between all people. The French built roads and canals in order to facilitate trading, allowing an expedited experience when purchasing and trading goods with bordering societies. The French also raised import taxes, allowing profit for every transaction. Another branch of success that the French had was their aggressive and supreme military, creating expansion of their borders. Both the French absolute monarchy and the English monarchy used success to help modernize each of their societies. A major difference between the French and the English was their use of kings. While the French supported absolutism or the autocratic rule of their king, the English distributed equal power to the parliament as well as the king. These two uses of kings greatly affected the pace of modernization in their respective societies, absolutism proving to be less accelerated. Parliament also proved to remain strong in historical times where the king tried to overpower parliament. The second difference between French absolute monarchy and English monarchy was the stability that the government gave to the people. While the English government was separated into king and parliament, the French were at a major disadvantage if their king died in their absolute monarchy. By distributing their power between a king and parliament, the English maintained a much more controlled and organized society while the French could easily be thrown into
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