The Importance Of Doing Business In France

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As a business professional, it is important to recognize the culture and heritage of all countries. Throughout the course of the research paper, many facts regarding the country France were very surprising and informing to learn about.Conducting research about other countries can not only expand your knowledge of their culture, but it also teaches you about their business ethics as well, which, in a business environment, can make you a strong leader. In the country of France, being an effective leader requires you to be familiar with their business style, culture, and the economy of the nation.
One of the most important aspects to take into consideration before engaging in a business situation with a foreign country is to understand what is acceptable or unacceptable to their culture. Fortunately, the ethics of a French business meeting is similar to those of the United States. At a
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The French live a very laid back lifestyle which is something that Americans certainly are not familiar with. In France it is common for businesses to close for around two hours for a lunch break. In addition to a lunch break, many French people believe living life is more important than work which results in a happier, healthier lifestyle. When it comes to food, the French prefer to eat croissants and drink red wine almost every day. French people prefer to have their items or food made with the best quality rather than quantity, and wood often judge items that are made poorly. Finally, the French enjoy vacationing by taking the train to destinations such as Northern Spain and the Swiss Alps. Taking into consideration all of these factors, understanding the French way of life could immensely benefit you when confronted in a business meeting. One final factor that is important to understand in a French business meeting is their
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