French Culture Essay

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Ezequiel D. Nunez
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France is a beautiful place to visit and see the amazing landmarks. In this cultural essay we will find out how much more France has to offer. More than just wine and tourist attractions. We will learn about its people, their economic status, its military strength, its geography and its politics.

Before the official discovery of the Americas at the end of the 15th century, France, located on the western extremities of the old world was known for centuries by Europeans as being towards the edge of the known world. Generations of different migrants traveling through the Mediterranean from the Middle East, Africa and through Europe from Central Asia and the Nordic
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The president determines policies with the aid of his council of ministers. The Elyse palace houses the president of the French republic. The president appoints it’s prime minister so he can form a government. The prime minister of France lives in the Matignon House ("French Political Culture", 2003). The French political culture is greatly influenced by economic, social, and geographical characteristics of France. Some important characteristics of the French population have shaped the political culture. France is the least densely populated country in Europe, with an approximate population of 57 million people. Although the typical French citizen lives in an urban area today, the agricultural areas of France still remain strong. A big social and economic gap exists between Parisians and the rest of the country with per capita income in Paris about sixty percent higher than in the rest of the country. The Northeast Quadrant around Paris is highly urbanized and industrialized, while the west and the south remain rural and agricultural. France is famous for its wine, produce, poultry, grains, and geese ("French Political Culture", 2003). The geography of France has influenced its political, economic, and cultural development. Its very fertile soil has played a large role in the country's reputation as a world culinary center. France has extensive coastal areas on the Atlantic Ocean, English Channel, and Mediterranean Sea, so fishing and shipping play a significant role in the French economy ("French Political Culture",
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