French Dairy Industry: SWOT Analysis Of The French Dairy Industry

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SWOT Analysis of France dairy industry
France’s Dairy Livestock concentration
The dairy industry is a key driver of the French economy. France is Europe’s second largest producer and World’s 8th largest milk producer. France has large dairy livestock which includes 3.6 million dairy cows, 1.3 million dairy sheep, 8, 88,000 goats. There are 70,000 dairy farms delivering € 25.3 billion liters of milk include 97% cow’s milk.

Good animal welfare Activates
• Animal welfare standard has been incorporated into most of farm for food quality, safety.
Provide sufficient feed and water for all animals.
• Protect animals from toxic plants and harmful substances.
• Construct and handling facilities to animals free of hazards.
• Protect animals
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The country has five dairy groups ranked among 25 global dairy industry. Farmers associations and processors association support enhancing the performance of members and implementing technologies that are more advanced.

Dairy Products for customers and also outside market

• Approximately sixty percent of dairy products made in France are consumed by the French. Dairy product sold under familiar local and regional brand and a wide arrangement of private labels.

• France is world’s largest consumer of Cheese and Butter. Dairy industry provide variety of 45 cheese, 2 creams, and 3 butters. Italy is largest buyer of French butter and Germany is largest buyer of French cheese.

• 67% of exports of dairy products are to the European market.

Quality and safety
• For dairy products “Made in France” is a guarantee of quality, sophistication and taste.
• Healthy and nutritional criteria of milk is fit for consumption, meeting safety standard. Milking management covers all aspect of the process of obtaining milk from animals swiftly and
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• Growing taste for dairy products and food containing dairy products like pizza, yogurt drinks, bakery product etc.
• Increasing demand for dairy proteins for specific human nutrition benefits and drive towards convenience and on-the-go nutrition.
• Exports to EU countries will crucially depend on upgradation of the sanitary condition of its production and processing facilities and extent of which a consolidation of production base can be achieved.
• Value add in milk products serving variety of milk products especially cheese, butter and other products.
• High instability of international prices. If milk prices bounce back quickly.
• The problem is the food chain steals the value added by producers this cause to change the intervention price which is harmful to supply and demand.
• Political conflict: French government are also unimpressed by the commission’s proposal to increase amount pay for private stockpiling.
• Government policies can limit or prevent new competitors from entering industries through licensing requirements, product testing regulation,

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