French Guyanese Culture

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My culture project is about french Guiana and the food they eat on holidays like Christmas, one of the delicious dish names the orange cheesecake. They make this dish with creamy Carmel-orange sauce on top. To begin, the french guyanese people look at the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. They believed in that December 25 was an ideal date to remember the teaching of the sublime teacher of love and compassion. They also learned to make a contribution for the strengthening of human values in our society. In addition, the food is an important role in french guyanese culture. All the traditions that they do requires food, it doesn 't matter what it is. They tend to make rich dishes for example the orange cheesecakes. The french guyanese…show more content…
They begin preparing it at least a day ahead. The traditions the kids left their shoes in front of the fireplace so papa Noël (aka. Santa clause) will fill them because they didn 't have stockings. Père Noël is what french Guinean children call santa. In some areas the people believe that père fouettard will Côme spank bad children. In some houses they decorated with Spain de Noël, which is a tree decorated with apples, paper flowers, and ribbons. Also mistletoe is hung like in our celebrations. Most people from French Guiana enjoy eating meats, like smoked ham. They like eating deserts like chocolate desert in the shape of a log and the orange cheesecake. Christmas, people like to celebrate with Ti 'punch, a traditional drink of lime, sugar cane syrup, and rum. Sometimes they even have Coca-Cola. Most of the French Guiana people drink champagne. French Guiana population is 100,000. French guiana is a tiny little country of cleaned up colonial architecture. Its a strange mix of french law and rain forest humidity where only a few destinations along the coast. "Its one of the wealthiest corners. In 1604 french explorer daniel de la reavardière became the first european to

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