French Honor Society Personal Statement

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Since the beginning of high school, I have joined numerous of clubs that widely range from music performance to publication. An extracurricular activity that I am passion about the most is French Honor Society. I’ve learned French since I started to learn my mother language- Vietnamese. The country of baguette fascinated my artistic aspect. Everything about this country is magnificent, from the beret to La Tour Eiffel. Moreover, as the treasurer and historian of the La Societé du Francais, I have an urge to inspire other to learn about this ethereal nation. Furthermore, during my freshman year, I joined a competition names Festival Francophones à Hanoi, and dance to the mellifluous music of Tchaikovsky in the play Sleeping Beauty. By the end of the day, my team hard works pay off as they announce the winner.

Moreover, I am an avid amateur photographer. I enjoy traveling around with my Canon 1000D and capturing life precious moments. Even though my camera is old, it has been my best friend since the inception of the world. It has always been there for me, and it always will. My buddy and I are ardent fans of photography; for that reason, “Journal of a Wanderlust” has born. It is an active blog and I usually update it twice a month, despite my busy academic schedule. More than that, my zealous affection for photography and writing has
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Regularly, I work as a volunteer at American Cancer Society. I aspire to assist the one who are on the edge of life. The fight against cancer is tough, and the patients need all the supports that they can get. The volunteer opportunity helps me realize that I’m not the center of the universe, but we are the universe. The best feeling when a person does such thing is the smile on cancer patients’ faces. Who know that simple actions such as running a marathon, supplying water for the runners, and listening to their battles can bring out such an incredible
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