French Indian War: Beginning Point Of The American Revolution

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The French Indian War proved to be the starting point of the American Revolution. During this war Britain neglected the colonies, leading to their growth in military and gained self confidence. Seeing America 's growth and independence, Britain called on the colonies for help, resulting in the backlash that started it all. When Britain imposed policies and taxes on unrepresented American colonists, the tension started to rise. The British felt it was the right way to get out of the debt from ongoing wars with French. Several acts such as the Sugar Act and Stamp act were levied to because they felt america should “pay” since they received benefits from the victory,but the acts didn 't last and then were later repealed. In reprisal of the taxes the colonies produced a showdown known as The Boston Tea Party. A group of american colonists disguised as Native Americans threw over 300 trunks cargo from the british tea ships into the boston harbor. This resulted in the Quartering Act which required american colonists to provide food and housing for British soldiers at the colonies’ expense. This was one of the Intolerable Acts in retaliation of Boston Tea Party.…show more content…
Also these people were from two completely different cultures. Thousands of miles and 250+ years of separation resulted in two different ways of living/thinking, they each generated their own political and moral opinions. They did not understand each other. The British looked down on the colonies and thought of them as lesser people. The causes of this war, like any other war, can be broken down into political, economical and cultural issues. The unrepresented taxes, Boston Tea Party, and separation proved to be the main causes of the American
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