French Influence On Common Sense

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French officials noticed the fights going on between England and the Colonies and they planned how the situation could play out for their own advantage. The French decided that on the plan of helping the American’s in several ways. First, they bought things from the americans like wheat, tobacco, salted fish, and indigo. This gave the Americans money so that they could by gun supplies. Another example, of their help is how they offered safe harbors in the Caribbean and the French Coast. The last way that the French Helped us was by giving us loans and subsidies to assist us with war making. While the French helped us their biggest concern was that their support would become known by more people than the American Colonists. They were worried that the English would attack the unprepared Frenchman.…show more content…
I influenced many people by writing Common Sense. Common Sense was different from what other writers write about because it was about the British System, and how it was based on levels of of society and leaders. I believe that common sense influenced many people because it was written with an exciting level of activity. Plus it was clear and simple, that allowed it to reach the common masses of people. I wrote Common Sense as conflict between American colonists and Great Britain formed. It came out on January, 1776.By the way approximately 50,000 copies of Common Sense appeared before the
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