French Mercantilism

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New France The Beginning; Starting a colony. Mercantilism Mercantilism was an economic theory that efficiently gathered the limited wealth. Following this theory, many countries would limit their imports while increasing favorable exports. It required a strong mother country that was in control of multiple developing land. In doing so, the mother country would send simple supplies and in return, they would receive valuable raw materials like fur or gold. This concept was popularized during the 16th century but was quickly flawed in the 18th century. France were one of the few countries that utilized this theory very well with essential people like Jean Talon. Not only did Mr. Talon gained lots of wealth for France, but he made an independent…show more content…
After the King of France recognized the potential of the newly acquired land, he persuaded citizens of France to emigrate. He would promise filles de rois dowries if they moved to New France. This caused thousands of citizens emigrating not only for the money, but also for better jobs. They wouldnt need to pay as much tithe and got more land. Sadly, the Native Americans didn 't enjoy people taking their land causing a lot of killing. Conquest Conquest is the act of forcefully taking control of land. The French couldn 't keep up with the demands back home due lack of land. Also, the Natives would threaten the habitants and raided their settlements. The French reacted by retaliating and destroying a few of their villages. They caused so much damage the Natives had to surrender. Alliance An alliance is a union formed by an agreement. The Natives couldn 't have lasted against the French army. Thus, their only option were to follow their agreement and become allies. The alliance made living in peace a possibility Also with this agreement, the Native and French were able to start trading with each other. This was the start of the French traders; Coureurs de…show more content…
Alliance An Alliance is usually a union formed upon an agreement. Both communities promised to stop fighting and developed a stronger bond. They helped each other how to survive in New France and get other resources. Coureurs de bois started marrying Natives getting connections for more trade routes. This opened up trading with most Natives inside Canada. Trade Trading is the act of buying and selling goods and services. Not only did the French traded for furs, they were able to spread their religion throughout Canada. Also, they could share their technological advancement to the Natives. In return, the Natives would show how to get maple syrup from trees or hunting beavers. Later, the King wanted to expand the colony thus starting a royal colony. Royal Colony A royal colony is when the King takes full control of the colony. The King realized the population of the colony wasn 't thriving thus receiving only a limited amount of money. He created a council who would be able to listen to the habitants ' demands and a general to protect them. Also, they had a bishop who would tell the word of God to everyone. New France started steadily growing creating one of the first country
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