French Revolution Dbq Analysis

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Change is what a free man who thinks, wants in their lives. The ability to choose and decide is the drive of change to man. Some reasons are purely due to the ability for comfort and accessibility, some for reasons for longing anew or to mend certain methods that fail them. However it is not change that only happens within the mind of one man, it occurs between a country and its people. Many documented cases show rebellions, revolutions, and change of government due to a faulty aspect within it. The French Revolution for example, underwent several government changes due to incompatibility between itself and the people. The steady decline in the lower class of France due to hunger and tax abuse by the nobles and clergy ultimately lead to the…show more content…
The short term effects of the revolutions failed to create an efficient revolution, as in document ten, the Judicial System became corrupt and abuse-able by anyone with accusations, by the guilty until proven innocent statement. An example from the near end of the document shows Charles Darnay being held on trial one last time with no clear reason of accusation other than for punishment for being royalty. Charles was not given a chance to prove himself innocent either, simply due to the fact that there was nothing he could change about being a descent of royalty. This proved the radicals did want change, however a senseless and bloody change of revenge. The original mindset of the revolution quickly became nullified by the radicals, but still shows efficient towards its end, as in document six they achieve…show more content…
Some change have potential to become monumental ones, those taking combined efforts of people. When presented with a major conflict, the combined efforts of those people towards this revolution aimed to reach a goal, in which it did. Though with a crowd of people, there is no fail-safe way of creating a method of success that appeases each and every one of them, simply due to the fact we as humans all have different wants, needs, and ways of thinking. Much like the French Revolution, not all goals have been met, but more prevalent ones have been, which gives way slowly solving the other ones. Problems identified by the revolution include the mistreatment of superior powers, abuse of tax, and failing governments to name a few. Stemming from those problems, changes by the people have lead Napoleon to obtain power to lead the revolution and more, while the Napoleon reign ends to pave way to a constitutional monarchy after royalties return to France. In this constitutional monarchy, it gave rights to the lower class and equalities between the people and much more. Is this not what the people of
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