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France started out with a terrible king that didn’t give the people many rights. In the end of the Revolution people gained some rights, but the people still had a king named Napoleon. There were many changes to France during the French Revolution, but the end result was similar to the beginning, regarding the leader of their country, this is why the French Revolution can not be truly called successful. In pre revolutionary France the people wanted a lot of things, but they mostly wanted the power, they also wanted more freedom in their lives, but the absolutist monarch didn’t give the people any rights. (Source D) The people also wrote to the king and ask that their rights are to never be taken away by the monarchy. The people also wanted to abolish indulgences and all other taxes from the church. The people then asked that the King must give everybody a fair trial, before throwing them in jail. (Source C) King Louis was an absolute monarch which means he had all the power. He could make anyone do anything for him, at anytime. When people told him no, he would do it anyways. The first two estates were rich and they were able to walk all over the third estate, because the king let them. (Source A)…show more content…
(Source C) They also wanted to have their own opinions, and ideas. The people of France didn’t want the monarchy to decide their religion. (Source D) The people started to revolt against the king, and that is when Robespierre came into power, and became France’s dictator. Robespierre said he was for the people, but he abused his power, and used it in the wrong way. He also tried to convince the people he was for a democracy. He thought that only the people who supported the democracy should live, so he started killing the citizens who were against the democracy. That meant that 500 people died a day, caused by Robespierre. (Source

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