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French Toast The paper includes two different recipes for making a French toast. The first text is Fluffy French Toast by Bonnie from the website allrecipes (website link), and the next one is Drunken Caramel French Toast by Jenn Segal from the website ONCE UPON A chef (website link). The two bloggers, Bonnie and Segal, share their recipes to allow readers enjoying from their own experience in cooking and baking and increasing the readership who follow their blog. In order to achieve it they have to adjust the text to their target audience and be attractive and creative. A quick overview of the blogs shows that the two recipes include a similar traditional structure that includes ingredients: raw materials and quantities, and direct instructions.…show more content…
Kind of people who like to bake and cook or want to impress and pamper their spouse with a professional recipe. Those people also need to be tolerant, since the mix should stay overnight in refrigerator. Already in the title, the blogger uses a bombastic title, Drunken Caramel French Toast, which evokes thoughts about dissolved chocolate that blends together with caramel and make amazing texture of colors and smell. In the introduction (along with photos), the author tries to provoke our senses by using phrases such as, “it puffs up and forms a beautifully golden [or] golden caramel, buttery challah and custard spiked with Grand Marnier” (Segal). Most likely that whoever had already put his hand on the recipe is ready to get in to the adventure and will do everything necessary to learn terms as orange zest, Grand Marnier or corn syrup. The instructions is very clear for those who previously cooked or baked and only requires attention to details such as, “cut bread into 1½"” (Segal). Even if the recipe is required preparation and work, the author tries to show in the introduction that the recipe is success, since she “got it from my friend Gayle, who got it from her friend, Lillian, who got it from…you get the idea” (Segal) it is the best recipe ever if so many people recommended…show more content…
The kids were replacing by a hungry husband who got a quick toast from his wife. In the second recipe, a pleased woman concluded great my observation by saying, " I made this for Sunday brunch today and it was a BIG HUGE hit. First time my daughter’s boyfriend’s parents came over and I needed something wonderful and this was it. I looked good thanks to you once again. Keep it up and I will look amazing :)” (Virginia Tate on March 23,

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