French Vs Spanish Settlements Essay

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In the essay we will analyze the differences between the Spanish settlements in the Southwest and the English and French settlements, in terms of politics, religion, and economic development. Which their differences lie in that of their different views of slavery, which religions they follow, and their goals for arriving at the New World.
Throughout the New World the three powers, Spain, France, and England, were competing for land. But as the land development progressed along the coast England discovered that the south had more rich soil then that of the north, which will divide their views on slavery, where in the south, where they used a large amount of plantations which required a lot of labor to care for, they used slaves for their labor, because it was free and they could make a profit, and due to the increasing rebellions from the indentured servants, they used the preferred method of slavery over indentured servants. In the north the soil wasn't as fertile as it was in the south, so the north relied on manufacturing goods. Up near present day Canada, was where the French landed, and whom hunted beaver for their pelt to sell for profit in Europe, but their politics were different
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Being shared among all of the powers, many of the people who moved to the New World were that of seeking religious freedom. Along the Coast where England had settled, they provided religious freedom to the groups of the; Catholics, Quakers, and Puritans. Similarly to England some of the French population also sought religious freedom, and where they settled they provided similarly to England, that of Catholics and the Roman religion. Keeping in mind that Spain’s goal was purely for profit, the Spanish sought only gold and profits, making religious freedom something that wasn’t a priority for the Spanish, but gold and profits which they made from plantations like England in the
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