Fresh Food Voucher Essay

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Fresh food vouchers
Fresh food vouchers are resourced for supplementing for other humanitarian assistances like nutrition, food security, to make a better improvement in emergency interventions like nutrition. Although cash and in-kind interventions have been used to prevent malnutrition by provision of staple foods, fresh food vouchers have also been used to give an access for fresh foods which cannot be purchased or provided otherwise (ACF, 2012a).
They have also been used in therapeutic feeding programs as a supplement. Fresh food vouchers have increased the availability of fresh foods in the households. This has resulted in the risk reduction of sharing therapeutic foods and an increment in the number of malnourished person eating a balanced diet. The malnourished person might be a child under 5 years old, pregnant and lactating women or elderly
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This will facilitate the local economy improvement in addition to the food provision to the beneficiaries.
The FFV experience can lead to a good practice though it is an unfamiliar response. It can be implemented with other nutrition interventions which can lead to a more coordinated, articulate, benefiting and need driven emergency response.
Close coordination between teams and departments is necessary to ensure coherence and sustainability. For example, In Ethiopia, There appeared to be some confusion among Concern staff and regional officials regarding the specific purpose of the project which has hampered the progress of the operation from progressing in due time (Kumar,P., Mayer, M.A. and Molloy E.,2013).

Discussions and advocacy are vital for the programme to be more familiar and useful. Inclusion and participation of men in the programme should be targeted. Analysis shows most men tend to control the cash in the household and spent it on necessary staple foods (ACF,

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