Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies Summary

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Final . The author, Seth Holmes, a physician-anthropologist, writes in the tradition of Agee, Murrow, and Steinbeck in exposing the social injustices that are a part of agriculture, sympathetically casting a human face on backbreaking work, and speaking truth to power.Seth Holmes ' ethnography study Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies is an analysis on the different problems going on with migrant workers in the United States the problems they face in their pursuit of survival, structural forces that impel migration and put individuals, families, and entire communities at a disadvantage of one kind or another. This book specifically connects to three topics we have discussed in introduction to Anthropology, which include economic life and exchange, politics…show more content…
The distinction between the ruled and the ruling class was created. Humanity was lost and the ruling class became crueler and enjoyed the power. The rulers became dictators. People do not rebel against brutal dictators out offear -they are afraid of retribution if their rebellion fails, they do not know what atrocities the brutal dictator can do to them so they are afraid. Here the workers work even though their body hurts, they have pain they have to work because they are powerless “the powerful tend to believe they deserve the success they have had and that the powerless have bought their problems on themselves” (Holmes 44). Holmes here explains that the authorities believe they deserve this to control the workers and the problems these workers are facing with the labor is their own fault. Another article that deals with this topic is Economy and Exchange with article “The Original Affluent Society” by Marshall Sahlins, a quote from there relates to the workers in the book "must work much harder in order to live than tillers and breeders" (Sahlins 13). Here you can see in the book that the migrant workers have to work in order to live but they work harder than those who have citizenship and make less money. “We have to migrate to survive. And we have
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