Fresh Fruits And Broken Bodies Analysis

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In ‘’Fresh Fruits and Broken Bodies’’ by Seth Holmes, he describes Fresh Fruits as an ‘’ ethnography of suffering’’, and he is convinced that it is important for him to experience the suffering of his Triqui companions in order to write his book. I understand what Holmes is indicated, in order for someone to feel the other individual pain you’ll have to experience it for yourself to have an accurate understanding of their suffering. Numerous of Trqui people has been suffering and facing many difficulties to support themselves or their families. Holmes discusses and showcases the suffering of these people by being with workers, in fact experiencing some their sufferings for example sometimes picking fruits bending down morning till dawn with the migrants and also Holmes also did follow a group of migrants across the border and showing the dreadful experience of facing of heat and the landscape. People need to be aware of their sufferings in the mainstream media migrant workers are seen as deserving their fates, the migrants are portrayed entirely differently, therefore being treated completely unfair. Holmes describes Fresh Fruit as an ‘’ ethnography of suffering’’ and he is convinced that it is important for him to experience…show more content…
He defined how the Triqui work without any health insurance thus because, their immigrants without any US identification, therefore when they’re in pain or sick the Triqui cannot complain since they are afraid they’ll get deported. ‘’Estimates of the migrant farm laborer population in the US range from 750,000 to 12 million. In addition, most morbidity and mortality data skewed down due to undocumented workers fear of reporting health problems, poor enforcement of labor and health policies in agriculture.’’(Holmes100)This why Holmes believes people need to be aware of their suffering, because the way they are being treated is
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