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With the introduction of immigration in the late 1800s to 1900s, it brings together many different culture and diversity to the United States of America. These differences among each ethnicities creates stereotypes. Most of these group are minorities because of the great number of white Americans that settled first. One group in particular that has a pretty big reputation is the Asian community. After reading the article, “Asian Women in Films: No Joy, No Luck”, by Hagdoen Jessica, the three pop culture text for the typical Asian stereotype that I chose is the television show “Fresh Off the Boat”, the movie “Hangover 2 Bangkok”, and the video game Mirror’s Edge. In the television show, “Fresh Off the Boat”, is about a chinese family that is moving from their typical chinatown to suburban, Orlando. Where they try to adapt to the American culture and live like an american, but comes across many problems because they are not Americans. In the movie Hangover 2, Stu, one out of the four group of friends are getting married to a beautiful Asian women, so to celebrate his bachelor's party. Stu, two of his best friends and his fiancee's brother takes a trip to Bangkok to have some fun. While in Bangkok, they had a bit too much fun and lost his fiancee’s brother so…show more content…
In Fresh Off the Boat, the father is in love with the American culture. He really wants to be an American so he practices and tries really hard to remove his Asian accent along with the way he dresses. He tries to pursue the american dream. Another example of what be a scene where the mother went grocery shopping and considered cooking an american meal over her typical Asian meal for dinner. In Hangover 2, Stu’s bride is not the typical Asian women. The wedding that she wanted is very american. She even marries Stu, which is american. This stops the full Asian tradition. She also does not have the Asian accent and she loves american

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