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Fresh Off the Boat is a very nice TV series that is airing on ABC. It is currently on its second season and has been airing since 2015. This unique comedy is a memoir of an Asian-
American man by the name of Eddie Huang.

FOTB recalls his childhood growing up as a hip-hop head 12-year-old who had to move across the country from D.C.’s Chinatown to a white suburb in Orlando. The show is produced by Eddie Huang himself and directed by Lynn Shelton. The idea for a TV show sprouted after Huang published a memoir about growing up with Taiwanese parents in 1990’s USA. However, an online travelouge series under the same name on was adopted before the comedy on ABC was put in motion. Many people have compared this show with Everybody Hates
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Second season in and people are still watching every week to see what wild ride they will embark on next alongside Ed. Although we did see FOTB run a slight risk of being pulled, the show has secured a credible comeback. The way that this TV comedy strategically moves along the way with relatable things makes it a show that can instantly get you hooked. I count myself amongst the people who have seen scenes where they could relate to something the show was presenting. Similarities can be seen amongst Fresh Off the Boat and The Wonder Years. The Wonder Years was a magnificent series in its own way. We can see with these two shows using voice-over narration, flashbacks, and shifting scenes. TWY also talked about things that people could say “same” to and mean it. The biggest difference, however, is that when you compare FOTB and TWY, only one TV show displays your immigrant family life in America. That show is Fresh Off the Boat, of course. There is also a big difference in the era that Kevin (60’s and early 70’s) grew up in versus Eddie growing up in the 90’s. I can definitely pick up originality in this comedy show. Nobody has ever really brought your typical Asian immigrant family to your living room and said “here, watch how they live.” It is new insight that is presented with

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