Fresh Water Scarcity In China

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The main objective of this article is to find out crucial issues of fresh water scarcity in China and suggest a potential solution to one of these significant issues. Related data will be took from the internet and debated with tutor. Water pollution and uneven distribution of fresh water are two key issues of fresh water scarcity in China. China is a big country by population and by area, there is a diversity in weather climate, southern parts of the country are rainy areas while the northern areas have lack of rain, this is the cause of uneven distribution of fresh water. South to North Water Diversion Project is a potential solution to solve this problem. This project will divert fresh water from south to north and other parts of
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The first of these is the uneven distribution of water resources of China and the second one is water pollution. Due to its large and diverse geographical conditions, China has a wide range of terrain and climate. Enjoying abundant rainfall in southern and Eastern China, Northern and Western parts of the country received less. This weather pattern will lead to unfortunate, seemingly contradictory effects, floods in some provinces, while others suffered from months of drought. China’s water crisis is the second factor: pollution. Even in water-rich regions of China and reduce pollution clean and available water supply. It is estimated that currently polluting the whole 70% of China's rivers and lakes, groundwater has been polluted, half of Chinese cities and Chinese one-third of land affected by acid rain. In order to resolve the uneven distribution, he project such as South-to-North water diversion has been used. The advantages of this project lies in the water you want to transfer more water supply coverage is available, can be conveyed by gravity water of good quality. The project will alleviate the water crisis in North China an important and basic…show more content…
The government is trying to transfer the water from the other water-affluent regions so that the uneven water distribution can be resolved through south to north water diversion project. By building large range of dams and some artificial river will be built to transfer the water. The main root of this project is passing through the middle of china so this will connect all parts of the country, known as MRP middle root project. With the development of these solution, the water problem will be resolved mostly. The range of poor water such as Beijing, Tianjing Municipalities, and Hebei, Henan, Hubei Provinces will not confront too much serious

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