Freshman 15 Argument

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I was a victim of the Freshman 15. My freshman year of college, I gained nearly 20 pounds. I remember my parents mentioned that they could tell I gained wait from when they dropped me off for school and picked me up for Fall Break – that is only a 2 month gap! I gained so much weight that I became a snorer. It was really unfortunate for my roommate because she was such a light sleeper and my snoring would wake her up in the middle of the night. There were even times when I would wake myself up from a nap from my snoring. I was amazed how easily and real the Freshman 15 was.

I was an athlete all throughout high school. I was on the volleyball, swim, track, and cross-country team. There was never a season that I was not participating in a school sport. Being on a sports team was not only fun, but also it kept me in shape. When I started college, I did not join any sport clubs. I would work out on my own or with friends in the gym. For many people the lack of physical activity is what increases the body weight. It can be very difficult to find time to workout when you are swamped with schoolwork and still want to have a social life. I really enjoy working out, so not finding time to workout was never my issue. My issue was my diet.
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I used to go up for seconds, and thirds, and fourths in the buffet style dining halls. There was so much food to choose and I just wanted to try every cuisine. Then I would eat so quickly and go get more food before my food had time to settle. God knows how many calories I would eat in one
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