Freshman 15 Persuasive Essay

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The Freshman 15 is a thought that crosses the minds of most future college students, but most say that it won’t happen to them. This fear of losing a toned body after graduating high school bothers some more than others. They realize after high school there are no longer athletics, and they’ll no longer be exercising regularly. Also, when they depart from their parents house and begin to live on their own their eating habits change. Responsibilities change when at college and this can cause stress and weight change. A change in diet and not eating properly can cause someone to gain weight. Not to mention that sleeping habits change dramatically when you go to college. The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear “freshman 15” is drinking alcohol, but this isn’t the only factor in the problem. This is a problem for these future students, and there isn’t just one solution to it. Many of the solutions to this problem are daily habits that could be changed easily while at college. Continuing to work out and stay active is vital to keep from gaining weight. College life can make it difficult to find the time to workout. Also, for many new students it…show more content…
When you arrive to college there are parties every night of the week. Drinking beer every night will be a good time, but the effects will show up on your stomach. Beer is a lot of empty calories and has no nutritional value. The average beer has around 150 calories and, these calories can begin to accumulate as the night goes on while you’re drinking. When drinking, the liver burns the alcohol instead of fat cells (Zelman). Also, while drinking, eating foods with unhealthy fats don’t help. Unless, you’re a mother to a newborn child trying to get your breasts to produce more milk drinking doesn’t help with much. Avoiding beer completely would be the best decision, but drinking occasionally wont hurt as long as its in

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