Freshman Composition Class Analysis

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Analyzing, writing, reading, and participating are the key factors you need to be good at in order to pass an English class. As I 'm going into my freshman composition class, these skills will help me improve my writing skills. In High School, I never planned ahead of time, but this will change as I go to college. I will take steps in advance to be successful in my freshman composition class. When I was in High School one of my teachers told me that one of my problems was going off topic. A way to help me fix that was by arranging a do what chart to help me identify the most important parts of the essay. I can use this skill in my Freshman Composition class to help me be successful. I can apply all the skills I learned to help me better my…show more content…
As I go to college, I won’t leave everything at the last minute it 's due. One action that will help me throughout my composition class is setting up an agenda to help me turn in papers on time. This will allow me to read over my paper carefully and catch all my mistakes. Rushing my essays won’t help me be successful in my composition class. Also, attending to all my composition classes will help me be successful because I will have the opportunity to check the papers of my colleagues and vice versa. Checking the papers of my colleagues can help me find new writing styles and expand my writing skills; when my colleagues grade my papers, they will help me identify my weak spots in my writing. Another way to improve in my class is by attending to my professor’s office hours. All students need to take advantage of office hours if the professors have any. Attending to these office hours will help you get to know the professor a lot more. When you have a good relationship with the professor, he/she will most likely be happy to help you with your papers or problems you 're having in the class. Do not be afraid to ask for help because being afraid won 't get you anywhere. Following this plan, I am sure that I will be able to succeed and pass my composition

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