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I propose to present study abroad opportunities and the Gilman Scholarship at Freshman orientations or Freshman Scholarship programs at A&M. One scholarship program in particular is the Regents scholarship. The Regents' Scholarship objective is to assist first-generation college students in reaching their educational goals at Texas A&M University. The FOCUS program is dedicated to first-year students who are regents scholarship recipients on an ongoing process for undergraduate success. There are other programs that assist Regent scholars as well.

I am a regents scholar recipient and my freshman year I was in the program called Aspire, which helped my success freshman year.The success program serves as mentor platform composed of a group of upper-class scholarship recipients who volunteer time to aid freshmen with learning the ropes of college life. Each freshman is assigned an individual mentor and a small community of other freshmen and mentors. Aspire was integrated in our school schedule to set time to attend the Aspire weekly meetings. The weekly meetings were set up as lecture style or presentation style. There were weekly speakers from different departments: Money wise aggie, The writing center, Study Tips and study
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Gilman international scholarship is through social media. I believe social media has interchanged the way society interacts and the way study abroad students, interact with students before, during, and after their time abroad. Social media is a good way to connect students who want to go abroad with students who are overseas. Google hangouts or skype would be a great way to interact with freshman and be able to explain what it is like to be abroad and share my experience. Another way to promote is on facebook,instagram,twitter by posting pictures and videos on my experience and thanking the Benjamin A. Gilman international scholarship on the wonderful

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