Freshwater Ecosystem Research Paper

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METHODS Freshwater ecosystem is also known as aquatic ecosystem that are contrasted with marine ecosystems and high salt content. Freshwater habitats are classified by different factors such as temperature, light, penetration and vegetation. In this assignment, the freshwater ecosystem that was analyzed covered two sites which were the freshwater river at the Gombak Forest Reserve and the Sungai Gombak along the residential area. From both site 1 and site 2, the environmental conditions and invertebrate’s species were analyzed. Students were divided into group of 8 and were given a fishing net to collect the samples of invertebrates and fishes. All samples were then transferred into a white plastic container for observation. Conversely, a water meter kit was also used to test for the pH and oxygen content of water. All samples collected were then analyzed using freshwater ecosystem vetebrates guides and the identification were recorded down onto a datasheets. Nevertheless, most of the results…show more content…
In site 1 which is the freshwater river at the Gombak Forest Reserve, the three different types of invertebrates found were mayflies, water cockroach and leaches. In site 2, which was Sungai Gombak at a residential area, the three different types of invertebrates found were tadpoles, water scorpions and butterflies. The difference in the invertebrates found from both the sites was known to be due to the presence of different environmental parameters that is suitable for the invertebrate’s life cycle. For example some invertebrates prefer breeding in freshwater that had low conductivity and high amount of vegetation for feeding, (Koop et al. 2008). However, some invertebrates prefer polluted and muddy water for breeding. Therefore, the variation in environmental conditions can be a factor in the changes of the invertebrate’s life cycles and daily

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