Compare And Contrast Freud And Jung

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The Comparison between Freud and Jung: Their Contributions, Similarities and Differences Many people have known about psychology because of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung (Blundell, 2014). In spite of the fact that they have various theories, they have so many contributions to understand the struggle of human mind. Their theories and thoughts have not always differed from each other (Blundell, 2014). Once, they were friends and colleagues. They investigated the unconscious psyche. Jung felt like he could let down his defense mechanism to Freud because he did not just see Freud as a mentor, but also as a father figure (Blundell, 2014). After a while, their thoughts began to go different directions. As a result of this separation, their friendship did not last forever, in fact it turned into an enmity in 1913. They have conflicts about sexuality. Freud stated that sexuality was everything (Blundell, 2014). On the other hand, Jung exuded that sex can influence the one’s behaviors, however the one’s behaviors’ only reason cannot be explained with just sex. What is Psychoanalytic Perspective? Psychoanalytic perspective is all about unconscious mind (Mitchell & Black, 1995, p. xvi). People are unaware from the memories, feelings, etc. which …show more content…

4). After writing the first essay about psychoanalysis, they published Studies on Hysteria in 1895. As a result of his dreams, Freud started to think unconscious mind which led Freud to write The Interpretation of Dreams in 1901 (Blundell, 2014). According to Freud, dreams are associated with the hidden feelings and earlier experiences (Mitchell et al., 1995). He also found free association technique and stopped to practice hypnosis (Blundell, 2014). With the help of free association technique, he discovered why people behave like they

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